September Tree Statistics

Still working on the new playstyle feature. However, meanwhile some statistics regarding the september trees:


The Trees

In September we hade the trees of Cho’Gath, Warwick, Zed, Tristana and Alistar.



The Distribution

Overall 1403 Trophyhunters finished at least one tree (I couldn’t finish any xD ). The distribution looks like this:


Unfortunately I cannot give you the number of how many Trophyhunters were active at least once during September, but maybe next time I can. But I can tell you that still most Trophyhunters couldnt finish any tree.

The hardest tree was Warwicks tree and the easiest was Cho’Gaths. Below you can see how often each of the trees has been achieved:


This result might in part be explained due to a mistake in the Key trophy of Warwicks tree BloodThirst, which had an error and couldn’t be achieved in the first week or so.



The Best of September


The following 29 Trophyhunters finished all 5 september trees (random sorting):

“TFG Mythic”,
“Abu Mosah”,
“XeloreX Gaming”,
“Мой Ник Спиздели”,
“Frost pogo”,

Well done Trophyhunters! 

I wanted to add one more thing here until we extend the app to sort the ranking for completed trees:



Top Ten Trophyhunters in Completing Trees


  1. Abu Mosah – 17 trees
  2. Quappa – 16 trees
  3. Lady Eve  – 14 trees
  4. Valanáro – 14 trees
  5. NekeTheFlame – 12 trees
  6. Vastayan Fetish – 12 trees
  7. Crytien – 12 trees
  8. Darkbeyer – 12 trees
  9. Sir Fortune – 12 trees
  10. The Pentakiller, Blade Of Despair, メンタルマスター, ZeroFace001, YaoiS3npai, GTA MONSTER, Мой Ник Спиздели – all 11 trees.

3.-4. and 5.-9. are shared places and the order is randomly created by our database query ;).

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