January Tree Analysis

The Trees

In January we had the trees of Garen, Jax, Heimerdinger, Lucian and Xerath.


The Best of January

The following 7 TrophyHunters finished all 5 January trees (random sorting, Abu Mosah, Sickey Misc and Hîghnrich completed all trees last month too):

Sålty Pirate
Windoge Malkio
Abu Mosah
Kõrean Import
Sickey Misc

Well done TrophyHunters! 

Top Ten TrophyHunters in Completing Trees

  1. Abu Mosah – 37 trees
  2. Quappa – 25 trees
  3. zakdoekje – 23 trees
  4. Hîghnrich – 22 trees
  5. BeNaThEo – 20 trees
  6. Limextar – 20 trees
  7. Мой Ник Спиздели – 19 trees
  8. NekoTheFlame – 19 trees
  9. Blade Of Despair – 18 trees
  10. zSuicide – 18 trees
  11. Baldy Runner – 18 trees

Abu Mosah extends his lead to an amazing 12 completed trees. Hîghnrich is the only other TrophyHunter who finished 5 trees in the Top 10. All other Top 10 member finished at most 2 trees.

The Distribution

Overall 1792 TrophyHunters were active at least once during December (Last month I calculated almost 10k active users, but that must have been either an error on my side or people just logged in once to receive the after season rewards). The distribution of the number of achieved trees looks like this:

chart (7).png

Around 25% of TrophyHunters managed to complete at least one tree. 7 TrophyHunters completed all trees and another 7 completed 4 trees.

The hardest tree was Heimerdingers tree and the easiest was Lucians. Below you can see how often each of the trees has been achieved:

chart (6).png

Top 10 First Turret Champions

Today I will show you what champions are most likely to take down or assist at first turret. I used ~88000 Summoners Rift normal and ranked games from the TrophyHunter database to calculate these statistics.

Here are the Top 10:

10. Jinx, 21.7%


Rank 10 goes to the loose cannon. I did not expect her to be on this list, but I’m not seen much on botlane anyway. I guess she can take the turret fast if she gets rollin’ early.

9. Tristana, 21.7%


Tristana is known for pushing and taking down turrets early. She is one of the few champions that can use abilities on turrets. No wonder she is in the Top 10.

8. Mordekaiser, 21.9%


Mordekaiser is a strong pushing champion on the toplane. He has a lot of turret pressure in particular against tanks. Mordekaisers in my team mostly feed, but it seems there are some skilled players out there.

7. Illaoi, 22.0%


Illaoi is a known face to this Top 10 list, as she was on the Top 10 of 1v2 champions as  well. She is a real lane bully with a lot of push. No wonder she gets first turret so often.

6. Draven, 22.1%


Don’t feed a Draven early kills. It’s so hard to play against a Draven lane if you fell behind. Pretty sure Draven won many of the games where he got first turret.

5. Zyra, 22.2%


This is probably mostly due to Zyra support as I did not differentiate between Zyra support and Zyra midlane. Skilled Zyra players can push the opposing duo of lane in many cases. Probably Zyra support would even be in the Top 3.

4. Xayah, 22.8%


This one is a big surprise for me. I always thought of Xayah as a strong late game carry but not with a particularly dominant early game. Maybe this is due to some skilled Xayah/Rakan couples? Probably that’s the reason as Rakan is pretty far on the list (rank 32) as well.

3. Caitlyn, 23.3%


Caitlyn is probably one of the most annoying bullies on botlane. The auto attack range advantage seems unfair in many cases. Even in pro play she is often pick to snowball by taking a lot of early turrets starting from botlane. Best adc on this list.

2. Ziggs, 24.0%


The midlaner who can use his powers on turrets – no surprise. Many might remember the times when Ziggs was used a lot in pro play on botlane. He and Zyra made for a poking and pushing duo that took turrets in record times. Nowadays botlane Ziggs is not as popular anymore, but he is still a strong turret danger even in midlane.

1. Yorick, 31.2%


The undoubted number 1 and that even with a huge lead over number 2. The difference between rank 1 and rank 2 is as huge as the difference between rank 2 and rank 34 (Janna)! Yorick has an amazing pushing power by all standards. He has his own army of ghuls, the maiden and soon zz’rot voidspawns. Good luck killing those, Maokai!

The entire list: Top First Turret Rate.

Check out this article for a list of the Top 10 1v2 champions.

Top 10 1v2 Champions

Today I analyzed 50000 TrophyHunter games (Summoners Rift only) to see what champion has the best Lone Wolf trophy rate. You obtain this trophy when you get a doublekill with no assists.


Here are the Top 10:

10. Tryndamere, 11.5%


Rank 10 goes to the barbarian king. I can imagine many squishy duos wanting to kill a Tryndamere and disrespecting his ultimate. No surprise he makes top 10.

9. Aatrox, 11.5%


Just very slightly more 1v2 kills for Aatrox players. I didn’t have him on my list – I never see him! That’s probably why people underestimate him and he gets his 1v2’s.

8. Fiora, 13.4%


Now this one is no surprise for me. I even succeeded a 1v2 myself as a Fiora! You are naturally alone on a sidelane and at a certain point the jungler + topsider don’t pose enough threat for you anymore.

7. Heimerdinger, 13.9%


I know this as a toplaner … your jungler comes to gank you. You both go in to kill the brain yordle, but he just places his ult turret and goes into zhonyas while u stand there staring at his turret.

6. Nasus, 14.4%


It’s all about those stacks, baby! 1v2 is an easy task for the dawg champ.

5. Darius, 15.9%


When I lane vs Darius I always wonder if I should tell my jungler not to gank my lane. 1v2 kills happen too often with this lane bully.

4. Master Yi, 19.7%


How? He is a jungler – he shouldn’t even be alone running around the map. I guess he is just killing people too fast to give any assists.

3. Yasuo, 21.2%


Dying 2v1 vs a Yasuo is the worst feeling ever. You know Dragonslayer666 will feel so good about his outplay and he probably has the right to do so …

2. Illaoi, 24.2%


This champion is build for a 1v2. Super strong aoe damage and great healing. Sometimes I feel like Illaoi wins more 1v2’s than she is losing. Always amazing.

1. Katarina, 25.5%


And the number one is the blades lady! I’m sure most of her 1v2 kills aren’t really 1v2’s but rather 1v5’s. Well done, Sinister Blade, I tip my hat.

Five Evil LoL Tricks To Win More Games

Today I gathered these 5 evil tricks in League of Legends for you. Join the dark side and start using these tricks – you will definitely win more games.

5. Thresh Lantern Block

lantern.pngThresh is a great support for many reasons, but one of his strongest traits is his ability to save his teammates from seemingly hopeless situations. However, you can use many things to keep your enemies from actually taking the thresh lantern. The easiest ways are:

(i) place wards on the lantern,

(ii) stand on the lantern,

(iii) place pets or zz’rots on the lantern.

Each of these will make your opponents attack the ward/champion/pet instead of taking the trip to safety. Little extra: This somewhat works against Bard journeys too.

4. Relic Top Lane


Yea, I know – it sounds weird, but let me elucidate. This is not good in all match-ups, but if you have, let’s say Maokai vs Poppy on topside, who will just hit each other again and again without ever really being able to kill one another, then there are a lot of really good arguments for top side relic:

  • You gain an additional 10 gold per auto attack because of the bandit passive. Two auto attacks ~ 1 cs.
  • When your jungler ganks or you gank another lane you can proc the relic and thus increase total team gold and giving some sustain.
  • You get some passive gold.
  • The finished item is extremely cost efficient. For 2200 gold you get a gold generating item with
    • 450 Hp + 340 Hp shield – which is quite comparable to ~800 Hp,
    • 10% cooldown reduction,
    • 100% base health regen,
    • 10% max health shield for you and a teammate.

Of course you will be a bit weaker in the first few levels, since relic shield is not as gold efficient from start. But – from midgame on, this relic will pay off huge.

3. Ward Baiting


You wanna trap the enemy waiting in some brush but they don’t fall for it? Place Wards! Noone in Solo Queue is buying pinkies, but when it comes to killing wards – no risk is too huge. For some strange reason, people are obsessed with killing wards. They will even lose xp and gold on lane to kill wards. Especially if someone already has 2 hits or so on a ward – they will never stop hitting it. Just give your opponents more things to clear and they will follow you anywhere!

2. Teamfight Warding


Place wards in important teamfights! Actually – place everything you have: normal wards, control wards, zz’rots and pets. Many adc’s just run around teamfights with standard attack move. Doing that they will often just attack the wards you just placed. Remember that an adc can easily do 500 damage or more with a single auto attack. If your ward just eats one auto, it is as valuable as a small item.

Even if people do not attack move run, they will sometimes right click on your ward and instead of running to a good position, they will stand still and attack the ward. It has so much value, that you should definitely place all you have in important fights.

1. Use Elixiers

Many players don’t ever use elixirs until the very moment they are full build – and even then they often forget it. However, elixirs are very efficient items from midgame onwards. Of course they only last for 180 seconds, so you cannot buy them all the time, but if you think an important fight is about to come soon, then better buy an elixir!


Elixir of Iron is awesome on tanks. Most tanks are strong on two items and don’t need further items as much as other classes, so you can afford to delay your item build a bit.

The Elixir of Iron has all you need. Some flat Hp is nice, but the other stuff is even better. 25% Tenacity is really valuable in teamfights for you, since you want to soak the opponents spells anyway. Furthermore giving 15% movement speed to allies in a path behind you is amazing. It’s hard to imagine a teamfight where 500 gold for this elixir doesn’t pay off.


Elixir of Sorcery is nice, but probably not as strong as Elixir of Iron. You can use this item early if you don’t scale as well as your opponent and want to force an all-in soon.

50 Ap is strong, the 15 mana regen however depend. If you don’t have a lot of mana regeneration at this point, this is very valuable, otherwise it’s a bit wasted. The Sorcery passive is strong during mid game and helps if you need to push turrets.


Elixir of Wrath is a two edged sword. It gives nice stats for an adc, however, most adcs scale really well with items, so you do not want to delay them even a bit. In the very late game you must not miss this buy on an adc, but during the mid game I think this elixir is a better fit on Ad bruisers.

The flat 30 Ad are really good in the mid game and the Bloodlust passive is especially strong in a 1v1 and during laning phase. This item gives a super strong 1v1 boost in the mid game.

What else?

If you wanna know what else you can do to improve your win rate, check out my last post about how I use the TrophyHunter overlay to win more games: How I Use The TrophyHunter Overlay